The outbreak of the war forced the family to flee to South Africa,

where they found refuge in the bustle of Hillbrow and it's mix of cultures. They survived on the culinary skills of Vovo's young wife, Maria Augusta da Cunha ,who could make soups seemingly out of thin air .By this time the adventurous couple had birthed another daughter,Carla Issabella da Cunha Marques

People came from far and wide when they heard her singing Fado,as this normally meant that she had a pot of Calde Verde or Feijoada bubbling to

ease the sodade...


 It is with young Carla that the story continues,for her love for the culture and the cuisine was only put on hold by the love for her children.

She raised four of them and as soon as they were able to let go of her skirts (although grudgingly ) she decided it was time get back to the culture   of    food.

With the help of some close friends and golden handshakes her dream started taking shape.

That was almost five-years ago and the launch of   Canimambo Restaurante   Graskop.

The Restaurant and brand has grown since then,with another branch open in Dullstroom and a cocktail lounge in Graskop.

Despite this growth, the same recipes that held the family together during the last 54 years are still being served and the same 'can-do' spirit dishes it up.