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  The  story begins in the 'Old-country” in a little town called Lisbon in 1954 .

Jose Alberto Marques,bored with the city life, received a contract to run a general dealer in deep dark Africa.

Being a sea-faring nation, the Portuguese have always been intrepid explorers and Vovo Jose could not resist the allure of the unknown.

So he packed his wife and his youngest daughter and embarked on the three month journey to Mozambique.

They arrived at Lorenzo Marques amid the storms and stenches and the chaos of colonial Africa.

 Plucked from the gulley and packed on the back of a battered old truck, amid the blaring  goats,  bags of rice and sweating barrels of paraffin they clawed their way through the 'picado'.

The conditions where less than perfect but it must have struck a chord with the young family. The contract was only for a year but they stayed a bit longer.


I think they did go back for a while once in '81...